Confused about all the different fiber supplements?

different fiber supplements

Dietary fiber does more than help keep you regular. It plays an important role in overall gut health as well as blood sugar and weight management. But some fiber supplements are better at delivering potential fiber benefits than others. That’s why choosing the right fiber supplement should be done carefully. Read the labels. It’s important to know the basic differences between guar fiber, wheat dextrin, psyllium and inulin. 

There’s a reason why Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber is now the preferred ingredient in a growing list of fiber supplement brands. 

Why not just reach for a chemical laxative? 

Over-the-counter chemical laxatives may simply address the symptoms but not the root cause of constipation. Worse, their overuse may reduce or weaken the intestine’s ability to contract. This may make their constipation worse or cause dependence. Overuse may also lead to dehydration, diarrhea and an electrolyte imbalance. So, before you consider chemical laxatives, you might want to try one of these more or more of these more natural approaches.

One serving of Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber (100% guar fiber) delivers multiple benefits

Whereas you may need to take as many as three servings daily of some fiber supplements, just one serving of Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber helps with everything from managing your digestion to satiety to glycemic control. But even the best fiber won’t help if you don’t like how it tastes, smells or makes you feel. Sunfiber has no taste or odor. It dissolves completely in liquids, and when used in cooking or baking, so there’s no grittiness or gelatinous gunk. 

Guar fiber (Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber) has more distinct advantages over other types of fiber supplements: 

Guar fiber (Sunfiber) has more distinct advantages over other types of fiber supplements: 

  • It is gluten free. 
  • It is Low FODMAP Certified.
  • It is the only fiber that is Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • It is the only fiber that is Informed Sport Certified. 
  • It is certified as glyphosate residue free. 
  • It is truly regulating. Unlike other types of supplemental fiber, guar fiber also helps regulate occasional diarrhea. 
  • As a prebiotic, it stimulates the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 
  • It supports overall digestive wellness without causing excess gas or bloating
  • It does not contain other ingredients. In contrast, inulin tablets may contain a lengthy list of other ingredients including sorbitol, corn starch, magnesium stearate, and artificial colors and flavors.
  • It’s been shown to be effective in adults with occasional constipation.
  • It has also been shown to support regularity, reduce stomach aches and other related symptoms in children.

There are important differences in fiber supplements. Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber (guar fiber) is safe, effective and has several advantages over other over-the-counter options. 

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