Spartan Burn increases metabolism, energy & fat burning

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We want to help you thrive and perform at your absolute best! When you’re Spartan Fit, you’re ready for anything.

Spartan Burn is a member of the Spartan Nutrition line of supplements that represent our unbreakable drive to fuel your strength and resilience. This champion’s formula features clean, best-in-class, clinically researched ingredients:

  • Teavigo® , a pure source of the green tea catechin EGCg
  • Raw Coffee Powder™ for sustained energy as nature intended

Spartan Burn harnesses powerful thermogenics to safely burn visceral fat and help support your body goals.  Plus, it is guaranteed to be clean. Spartan Burn is certified by Informed Sport to be free of substances prohibited in sport, demonstrating our commitment to quality and safety, and our abiding respect for Spartan athletes worldwide. It is also gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan.

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