The story of Sunfiber: from family farm to global digestive health

Bryce Wylde

Natural health expert Bryce Wylde travels to India to explore Sunfiber’s origin.

Sunfiber, the world’s most researched soluble dietary fiber, is derived from the guar plant grown in arid western India. Wylde visits the family farmers who grow the unassuming plant (its leaves and beans have been a staple food in this region for decades), the scientists who developed the gentle manufacturing methods, and the state-of-the-art processing facility. He learns that the story of Sunfiber is truly one of a kind.

Taiyo, an international functional food developer, partners with Lucid India, the industry’s leading guar producer to manufacture this revolutionary fiber supplement. Sunfiber is manufactured in a world-class facility in Aurangabad, home to many well-educated workers, a pristine water supply and many nearby guar farms.

Wylde visits the facility to see how scientists have meticulously turned a bean from a simple plant into a game-changing fiber supplement. He discovers that Taiyo’s researchers have developed a revolutionary way to process the guar bean to make it easily digestible, yet fully functional as soluble fiber.

Wylde also visits the farming village of Mokheri, where Taiyo Lucid has strong relationships with the local farmers. According to Lucid Managing Director Uday Merchant, the company supports about 50,000 farming families.

Most people don’t consume enough soluble fiber, which may be why digestive issues such as irregularity are so common. Wylde suggests boosting your soluble fiber intake. This needed nutrient supports intestinal health, feeds your good bacteria and helps food move through your body at just the right pace.

Sunfiber is an easy way to boost your soluble fiber intake. It is clear-mixing in water, as well as tasteless and odorless, and doesn’t lead to the excess gas or bloating that so many other fibers are known for. That’s why Sunfiber is known as the invisible fiber with visible benefits.

Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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