Why is prebiotic fiber important?


If you aren’t eating sufficient dietary fiber, you may also be shortchanging your gut’s complex microbiome. Simply put: You need to consume healthy amounts of prebiotic fiber because it feeds the beneficial (probiotics) that help regulate digestion, improve nutrient absorption and support immune function, among other benefits. Prebiotic supplements such as Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber are important because they nourish and stimulate the growth of good gut bacteria. 

Be cautious about which prebiotic fiber supplement you choose. Some prebiotics, such as inulin, are rapidly fermented. This may cause an increase in gas, bloating and discomfort. As discussed in this Instagram interview with dietitian Annabelle Johnston, prebiotic Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber, which is made from fiber-packed guar, is better tolerated (significantly less gas and bloating) than other fiber supplements.

Importantly, Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber is certified low-FODMAP so it is perfectly safe and appropriate to use by those with IBS symptoms when trying to identify specific food sensitivities. 

Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber also supports regularity, helping food move through the gut at just the right pace, helping support both occasional constipation and occasional diarrhea. It may help you spend less time in the bathroom and more time enjoying life. 

There is no daily recommended value for prebiotics; however, you should target a dose scientifically shown to improve the gut microbiome. The recommended dose for Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber is at least 5 g per day to help promote beneficial Bifidobacteria levels in your gut. 

Sunfiber’s prebiotic soluble fiber is an easy way to meet your daily fiber requirement and feed your good bacteria. It’s tasteless, colorless and odorless when mixed with water. And unlike other fiber supplements, there are no embarrassing side effects.

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