Tomorrow’s Nutrition Affiliate Program

We’d like to invite you to become a brand affiliate for our company! As a brand affiliate, you will be a valuable partner of the following brands: Tomorrow’s Nutrition, Regular Girl and Spartan Nutrition.


As a brand affiliate, you will receive a 10% commission on all orders that are made through your referral link or with your unique and commission trackable coupon code. Your referral link/code will give the customer 10% off their first purchase. Commission is paid on all orders, including our popular subscription program, for as long as the customer receives product at the discounted subscription rate! That’s a 10% lifetime recurring commission for as long as the customer orders product.

Unique Coupon Codes

You will receive a unique coupon code specific to you. You’ll receive a 10% commission for any products sold as a result of your personalized coupon code. The naming of the coupon code is customizable but will need to be approved by the Tomorrow’s Nutrition team.

Example: Smith10 or SmithGym10

You will receive a referral link that is specific to you. You’ll receive a 10% commission for any products sold as a result of your personalized affiliate link being used.

Your unique coupon code and referral link will be posted on your affiliate dashboard for easy reference.


Your affiliate commission will be paid via PayPal. You need to have an active PayPal account on file. This will guarantee that your commission is successfully processed.
Commission is paid the first week of every calendar month.
You will receive commission payment 60 days after the order purchase.
Affiliate payments are not made immediately to avoid payouts on customer returns.
For example, any sales made in January will receive commission in March.

Specially Prepared Content

To help you introduce Tomorrow’s Nutrition, Regular Girl, and Spartan Nutrition to your community, take advantage of our specially prepared content. You can access creatives (product images and banner ads) directly from your affiliate dashboard. All of our pre-written materials have been fully reviewed for legal, regulatory and clinical substantiation so your only worry is deciding what to share first.

First Steps

To get started with your custom affiliate account, visit:

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Be a Tomorrow’s Nutrition Affiliate