SunActive IsoQ is a new hack for optimal health

SunActive IsoQ is a new hack for optimal health

Tomorrow’s Nutrition SunActive IsoQ received a big shout out recently from leading alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, DHMHS. Interviewed for a Joyous Health podcast called “Hacking Your Way to Optimal Health with Bryce Wylde,” he spoke excitedly about discovering SunActive IsoQ soon after its launch earlier this year.  

Wylde starts talking about quercetin at about the 55:00 mark. “I’m a huge fan of quercetin,” he remarks. “It’s typically found in onions, as well as yellow fruits and vegetables.” He explains that it would be very difficult to eat enough of these foods to get therapeutic levels of quercetin from diet alone. 

Quercetin’s wide-ranging health benefits include immune health, sports performance, antioxidant, cardioprotective, chondroprotective and allergy relief benefits. Wylde zeroed in on the allergy relief. “It is thought to work by balancing the mast cells, which are responsible for releasing histamine.” 

He comments that other quercetin supplements are super bitter and have very low bioavailability. “SunActive IsoQ is unbelievable,” he continues. “First of all, it requires way lower doses to deliver the sought-after benefits of this bioflavonoid. … SunActive is a quercetin precursor with a bioavailability 25 times higher (than free quercetin). 

“So if you’re like me and you’re a huge fan of quercetin, you want to look for SunActive IsoQ. That’s the intel inside.”  

Tomorrow’s Nutrition SunActive IsoQ is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by a panel of independent experts.

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Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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