Expo West 2022 challenge: Did this CEO have the guts to be healthy?


As ingredient investigator and popular TV health guest Bryce Wylde explored Expo West 2022, one of the world’s largest health and natural products trade shows, he was on a mission to find this year’s best-of-the-best ingredients. The alternative health expert also had fun challenging KidStar Nutrients President and CEO Caitlyn Vanderhaegh about her Sunfiber® knowledge, one of his all-time favorite ingredients. 

It turns out, Vanderhaeghe is also a big Sunfiber fan. “It’s an amazing product. When it first came to market, I think everyone I knew tried it.” Now, she’s introducing friends and her own household to Dr. Poo Sunfiber®, a product that appeals to the youngest family members. “It comes with this amazing book and this (kid-friendly, illustrated poop) chart.” Released in 2017, “Dr. Poo: The Scoop on Comfortable Poop” was written by best-selling author and renowned pediatrician Bill Sears, MD and wife Martha Sears, RN. 

Not only do her kids now understand what’s going on in the bathroom, but adults in Vanderhaegh’s household are commenting that they didn’t realize what is considered normal.  

Explaining that it’s called the Bristol Stool Chart, Wylde commented that he uses a version in his practice because many of his patients also don’t know what normal stool is supposed to look like.”

Wylde next quizzed Vanderhaege on her knowledge of prebiotics as it relates to fiber. “That’s the best part: You’re feeding the probiotics. You need soluble fiber in your diet to make everything go smoothly,” Vanderhaeghe replied. 

“The microbes that live in our gut – which account for 80% of our immune system and 60% of the bulk in your stool – they need to eat too! And this is feeding them the right stuff,” Wylde confirmed. 

Wylde commented that Sunfiber can be found in several other fiber supplement brands including Tomorrow’s Nutrition and Regular Girl. “It’s tasteless, odorless and entirely transparent. You can cook with it. You can add it to your coffee. I love that versatility!” 

To boost your hydration as well as your fiber intake, both experts suggest adding Sunfiber to a couple of liters of water, and sipping on it throughout the day.

Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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