Here’s why premium, clean-label cranberry is essential


Cranberries have been used for centuries for their health-promoting properties, one of the best known is their ability to support urinary tract health. There is also evidence that cranberry polyphenols promote gut microbiota health.

To achieve these benefits, it is essential to formulate with high-quality, clinically validated, clean-label ingredients. This is the direction our industry is heading, in answer to strong consumer demand.

The premium cranberry juice powder used in SunCran was carefully selected for its high quality, purity and clinical validation. It is processed from healthy and mature whole cranberries that have been shown to help support a healthy urinary tract. It has also been tested for DNA authenticity and adulteration.

And whereas some cranberry juice powders are turned into powder, usually through a high-heat process called spray drying that can cause nutrient degradation, SunCran uses cranberry juice powders that contain standardized levels of soluble cranberry proanthocyanidins (PACs). These are carefully dried using the gentle INFIDRI process to deliver a guaranteed PAC potency.

We also know our natural cranberry’s supply chain, from the bogs to delivery at our facilities. The manufacturer has complete control of the quality to ensure consumer protection from adulterants.

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