Do your summer plans include staying healthy?

Do your summer plans include staying healthy?

Summertime typically means heading outdoors and enjoying a host of seasonal foods and activities. Now is no time to battle a pesky summer cold! Soaking up all that sunshine is an excellent way to support your immune system. Exposure to sunlight also releases serotonin, the hormone associated with boosting mood, and a calm, focused feeling. 

Here are five more ways to make your wellness a priority this summer. 

    1. Sample nature’s seasonal bounty. With so many nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in season, it’s easier than ever to consume a variety of good-for-you meals. Watermelon, blueberries, pineapple and strawberries are all good choices, as are cucumbers and tomatoes. Hint: Frosty smoothies are a healthy way to stay cool and consume more seasonable berries! 
    2. Be smart about your dietary supplement choices. Tomorrow’s Nutrition Elderberry+ contains ingredients to give your immune system the support it needs. These include antioxidant Eldermune® elderberry juice plus generous amounts of immune-supporting vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. It also contains Suntheanine to help control stress and enable you to enjoy more restorative sleep, both of which are important for a healthy immune system.  
    3. Boost your prebiotic fiber intake. The good bacteria in your gut, the ones that help support your immune system, need prebiotic fiber to thrive. Prebiotic Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber is ideal for an active or laid-back summertime lifestyle because it dissolves fully into non-carbonated cold drinks without changing the taste, aroma or texture. And whether you’re vacationing, picnicking or spending time on the tennis courts, the Sunfiber GI 7-day kit stickpacks provide on-the-go convenience.  
    4. Play outside. Exercise reduces stress-related hormones. If you’re not into outdoor games, take a walk or spend time gardening. It all counts! And always keep a water bottle nearby. Good hydration helps flush toxins from your body. 
    5. Lower your thermostat at night. Summer’s higher temperatures can interfere with restful sleep. Make sure your room is cool, dark and free of distractions such as a phone or tablet.  

Summer is a perfect time to establish wellness habits that support your immune system, so that you may continue to thrive all year long.

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