How to calm a racing mind so you can sleep

How to calm a racing mind so you can sleep

You’re supposed to unwind and relax at night. So why instead are you replaying the day’s events, planning tomorrow’s agenda or dwelling on something else that worries you? With no distractions because you’re in a dark, quiet room, you may feel helpless as you try to calm your racing mind 

When your thoughts are stressful, your body activates its fight-or-flight response. It’s important to learn how to calm your mind when this happens. Otherwise, over time you may condition your mind and body to associate bedtime with stress and anxiety

Here are three strategies to help you quiet a racing mind:

  1. Write in a journal each evening. This could be a worry journal used to write down troublesome thoughts so you don’t bring them to bed with you. Or, it could be a gratitude journal used to redirect your focus on more positive things just before bedtime. 
  2. Calm your brain waves. Clinical studies have shown Tomorrow’s Nutrition Suntheanine safely helps to produce more calming alpha brain waves. Taken 30 minutes before bedtime, Suntheanine won’t induce sleep. It’s not a sedative or tranquilizer. Instead, it helps relax your mind so you may fall asleep more easily and enjoy a deep, regenerative sleep. 
  3. Power down. Ditch the electronic devices an hour or two before bedtime. Take a relaxing bath. Once in bed, practice deep breathing exercises to slow your heart rate. 

Experts also suggest using part of your earlier evening to prepare for the next day. Get as much done the night before as possible, so you’re not waking up multiple times before your alarm goes off. 

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