How to find your inner calm with Suntheanine

find inner calm suntheanine

Has tension become a daily struggle? A stressful day may lead to a restless night, making it difficult to get the sleep you need to face tomorrow’s challenges. 

Suntheanine may help you break the cycle by improving your focus during the day and enhancing relaxation so you may sleep at night. But how does it work? And how much should you take? Get these answers and more with this Suntheanine cheat sheet.

What is Suntheanine? Green tea has been used for centuries for its multitude of wellness advantages. L-theanine, a compound naturally found in green tea, is responsible for many of these benefits, including its ability to promote a calm state of mind.

Suntheanine is a pure form of L-theanine produced via a fermentation process that promotes relaxation while improving focus, attention and mental clarity without feeling drowsy. This safe, highly researched supplement may improve sleep quality, helping you to start each day feeling refreshed. 


How does Suntheanine work? Stress activates beta brain waves, which may affect your mood. Suntheanine may combat stress by activating your alpha brain waves and decreasing beta brain wave activity.

Alpha brain waves are responsible for feelings of relaxation and mental alertness, whereas beta brain waves are associated with stress, an inability to concentrate, and difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. As Suntheanine increases alpha brain wave activity, it may produce a similar zen-like experience achieved through meditation.


How should you use Suntheanine? The recommended dose of Suntheanine is between 50mg to 200mg. If you are feeling high stress levels, experts suggest starting with at least 100mg for best results. Benefits are generally felt within 30 minutes of ingesting and may last up to 12 hours. 

Because Suntheanine does not cause drowsiness, it can be taken at any time throughout the day. 

Life has a lot of demands. Suntheanine provides safe, effective tension relief to help you tackle each day.

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