Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber and Sunfiber GI are now Informed Choice certified

Sunfiber Informed Choice

Here’s another reason why you can trust Tomorrow’s Nutrition for your nutrition needs. We have now achieved Informed Choice certification for our Sunfiber and Sunfiber GI products. This voluntary certification ensures you that both of these products are routinely tested for contaminants as well as more than 250 substances banned in sports. 

LGC’s Informed Choice is a global quality assurance program developed to help reduce the risk of impurities and banned substances entering sports nutrition products. To become Informed Choice certified, products must undergo an extensive pre-certification process to ensure their integrity. Following certification, each product undergoes monthly blind testing to independently ensure its integrity. Blind samples are purchased by the Informed Choice Program Management team from retail outlets. 

We asked LGC Business Development Director Paul Klinger why you, as a consumer, should be excited about this news. He told us, “If you’re any consumer, drug tested or not, you’re using a product to try to improve your wellness and/or performance. You want to make sure the products are what they say they are, can be trusted and that they are produced by a reputable company. Consumers are trying to separate good companies from not-so-good companies. Certification is the most effective way to help them do that.” 

We love pushing ourselves to go the extra mile! The Informed Choice certification for Sunfiber and Sunfiber GI tells you that not only is the product good but also that you can trust Tomorrow’s Nutrition. Sunfiber also carries Informed Ingredient certification. 

This certification adds to our mission of transparency and our impressive family of certifications, including Clean Label, Glyphosate Residue Free, Non GMO Project Verification, TRU-ID, Low FODMAP and Kosher certification.

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Informed Choice Certified Product Certificate
Informed Choice Certified Product Certificate