November 19 is World Toilet Day

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Celebrated on November 19 each year, the goal of World Toilet Day is to raise awareness about sustainable sanitation practices and get people thinking about their own toilet habits.

For this World Toilet Day, we’ve gathered some interesting facts to keep you in the know when it’s time to go.

We use the toilet an average of 2,500 times a year! That’s a lot of time spent sitting on the throne.

But do you take a look at your poop before you flush? It might seem weird, but knowing what your poop looks like gives you clues about your health. Lucky for you, there’s a chart that evaluates the quality of your number two. It’s called the Bristol Stool Form Scale.

The Bristol Stool Form Scale illustrates how your poop can be classified into one of seven shapes, which might be helpful to you especially if you ever need to describe your bowel irregularity to your doctor.

If your poop isn’t where it’s supposed to be on the chart, you don’t have to worry. In many cases, you can improve your poo with some extra fiber. Nearly everyone needs it! Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber delivers 6 grams of clinically proven, clear, grit-free soluble fiber. Sunfiber quickly dissolves in your favorite beverage and won’t alter the taste or texture of foods.

Let’s dive into some more toilet facts: 

  • The Scott Paper Company invented the toilet paper roll in 1890. Scott would be pretty disappointed in our 2020 TP hoarding. Did you really need that much? The average person uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper every day.
  • More people around the world have access to mobile phones than they do toilets. Speaking of phones, more than 7 million Americans have admitted to dropping their phones in the toilet at some point in their life. Maybe we should focus on the job and stay off our cellular devices. 
  • Do you know which toilet stall is the cleanest? The first stall is the least used, meaning it’s likely to be cleaner than the rest!
  • Some toilets are fancier than others. NASA spent more than $20 million creating a suction-style toilet for the International Space Station.
  • Twenty percent of people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. Thirty percent don’t use soap! Has this ongoing pandemic taught us anything?
  • How long are you supposed to wash your hands? Apparently, only 5 percent of people know the answer to this one. The CDC recommends washing your hands for 20 seconds. If you’re one of the 95 percent who find this difficult, try singing Happy Birthday twice to yourself to make the time go by faster. 

Remember this: Washing your hands is always necessary, you should probably leave your phone out of the bathroom and always look in the toilet bowl before you flush. 

If you’re looking for a fiber supplement that will improve your regularity without the embarrassing side effects of gas or boating, Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber can help. Sunfiber not only helps with occasional constipation, but uniquely helps with occasional diarrhea as well, returning stool content to a normal healthy state.

Keep the Bristol Stool Form Scale handy so you can monitor how Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber improves your stool.

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