Mental health webinar highlights Suntheanine for stress management

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There’s never been a more important time to focus on mental health: Stress and anxiety levels are running high and changes to our routines have often left our moods low. Nature’s Emporium held this NExt Level Health Webinar to help viewers manage. We’re excited about alternative medicine expert Bryce Wylde’s enthusiastic praise for Suntheanine. He said it promotes relaxation and “improves focus, attention, alertness, concentration, mood and sleep.”

Tomorrow’s Nutrition Suntheanine is a patented, 100% pure form of the amino acid L-theanine, which has been shown to support people who struggle to relax. Not all stress-reducing supplements are created equally. Wylde stressed that an ingredient’s source matters, which is why he specified Suntheanine. “I travel the globe. I do due diligence on these ingredients.”  

Wylde has visited Suntheanine’s manufacturer Taiyo in Japan, where he learned about how this ingredient is made and the science behind it: “They’ve got over 70 human clinical trials behind them.” 

Suntheanine has been shown to increase alpha wave activity in the brain. Wylde explained what that means: “That wave is a meditative, concentrating state. It’s what Buddhist monks try to get into when they meditate, so you’re able to focus better.”        

For centuries green tea has been used to soothe and calm. It’s the L-theanine, found almost exclusively in tea, that promotes relaxation, but you’d need to drink a lot of tea to see the effects. Suntheanine is produced through a fermentation process that mimics the natural process in green tea leaves. 

Tomorrow’s Nutrition Suntheanine, available in chewables, has been shown to improve sleep quality for active kids, including those with ADHD, without affecting how they feel the next day. 

Webinar host Miranda Malisani, who has taken a Suntheanine supplement for nine months, agreed with Wylde’s enthusiasm: “What I love is it doesn’t sedate you, but it allows you to calm down and gets you into the right frame of mind for sleep.” 

Learn more about using L-theanine for sleeping.

Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

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