Stress: We all have it; here’s how to cope

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Stress is normal and unavoidable. But just trying to push through instead of doing something about it may only worsen the situation by compromising your health. Chronic stress is associated with poor sleep, a lowered immune response, digestive issues and even excess belly fat. 

Money, work, family, economic outlook and relationships cause most of our stress, according to The American Psychological Association. Pandemic-related isolation only intensified these areas for many of us. 

It’s Stress Awareness Month, so we’re here to help with ways to relax and better manage stress. Of course, our first tip is to use Tomorrow’s Nutrition Suntheanine because it promotes relaxation without causing daytime drowsiness. 

During this mental health webinar, functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde praised Suntheanine for its ability to help people calm down, focus and get better sleep. It works by increasing alpha brain waves, which are associated with a relaxed, alert mental state. This is the same brain wave activity created when practicing meditation.

Other helpful stress-busting tactics include: 

  • Eat healthfully: Load up on fresh, whole foods and avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.  
  • Exercise regularly: Just 30 minutes of moderate activity, five days a week will have a huge impact. Exercise lowers blood pressure and is a great outlet when stressed. 
  • Get plenty of sleep: It’s almost impossible to deal with stressful situations when you’re tired. Create a bedtime routine that’s calming and technology-free.
  • Step away: Schedule time to focus on yourself. Do something that you enjoy that’s relaxing. Read a book, meditate or take a long walk.     

As Holistic Nutritionist Andrea Donsky explained to CityLine viewers, Suntheanine can help you get into a good cycle — one where you sleep well at night and have good energy during the day, which is important if you’re trying to reduce stress. Tomorrow’s Nutrition Suntheanine can be taken any time, without the daytime drowsiness associated with other stress-relieving supplements. 

Bryce Wylde is a leading alternative health expert, compensated to provide his professional opinions.

Andrea Donsky is a Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Menopause Educator, and Menopause Researcher, compensated to provide her professional opinions.

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