Fiber basics: The 411 on dietary fiber benefits


Dietary fiber can be your healthy lifestyle ally. Consuming the right amount of fiber may help you maintain a healthy weight, stay regular and even support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Yet most Americans don’t get enough fiber from their diets alone. Signs that you may need more including bloating as well as occasional constipation and diarrhea. Supplementing your daily fiber intake with prebiotic Sunfiber is an easy way to reach your fiber goals. 

There are three fiber terms you should know: 

  • Probiotics:  Good bacteria that confer health benefits
  • Prebiotics: “This is the soluble fiber that these good bacteria need to eat to survive.” 
  • Postbiotics: Essentially, the metabolites of probiotics that are important for gut health and the immune system. 

Fiber is found in plants — fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains — so a diet based on processed food is probably partially to blame for most Americans getting only half, about 15 grams, of the fiber they need each day. Men should try for 38 grams each day, women 25 grams and at least 19 grams for children

If you’re spending too much time in the bathroom – thanks to hard, dry stools or frequent loose stools – more soluble fiber may help you achieve regularity. Today, there are fibers that help support the gut microbiota, and don’t inadvertently create other digestive problems

One of the most popular soluble fiber supplements, and flexible in terms of how it can be used, is Sunfiber. It’s a truly regulating fiber that’s easy to digest. Sunfiber moves through your body at just the right pace. It is gentle on your body and doesn’t lead to the excess gas or bloating associated with many other fibers. It’s flavorless, odorless and colorless. Dissolve it in your favorite noncarbonated beverages. 

Instead of eating mostly processed, constipating foods, choose high-fiber, plant-based options whenever possible. And consider supplementing your diet with Tomorrow’s Nutrition Sunfiber to help you meet your body’s daily fiber requirements. 

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