MindBodyGreen calls L-theanine a plant-based powerhouse

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We love how this mindbodygreen.com article describes L-theanine as, “the closest thing we’ve got to meditation in a bottle.” This article also describes several other benefits associated with this amino acid, from boosting attention, mood and sleep quality to boosting creativity.*

Suntheanine is a clinically proven, Non-GMO Project Verified L-theanine supplement. It’s produced via a patented process that results in 100 percent pure L-theanine, ensuring safety, potency, consistency and quality.

Here’s a quick look at what mindbodygreen had to say about L-theanine:

  • L-theanine promotes a soothing brain wave pattern.*
    L-theanine has been clinically shown to increase alpha brain waves. These brain waves promote relaxation without drowsiness.* “Alpha brain-wave production also happens during deep meditation, when sensory inputs are minimized and the mind is generally clear of unwanted thoughts or distractions. Interestingly, stimulating alpha waves has also been shown to boost creativity and alleviate depression.”Human clinical trials have shown that Suntheanine increases alpha brain waves, as well as decreases beta brain waves. Beta waves promote an excited state.
  • L-theanine may help support attention and working memory.*
    According to the article, green tea consumption – L-theanine is naturally found in green tea – has been shown to enhance performance on tests of working memory by increasing connectivity within the brain during processing. “This is a fascinating discovery because activity in the frontal region of the brain is correlated to executive function, while the parietal region handles sensory input.”
  • L-theanine may slow or reduce cognitive decline.
    The article references a study which showed that elderly individuals who consumed L-theanine-enriched green tea powder had reduced cognitive decline compared with a placebo group.
  • L-theanine may help improve mood.*
    L-theanine helps improve the production of GABA, a relaxing neurotransmitter. “GABA is important for nervous system function; (it’s) often used as a natural supplement to promote sleep, improve mood, and ease anxiety,” the article explains.
  • L-theanine may improve sleep quality*
    L-theanine encourages relaxation which helps calm the mind, making it easier to get longer and more restful sleep. The article also references a clinical study which used Suntheanine. In this study, researchers demonstrated that Suntheanine safely and effectively improved the sleep quality of 8 to 12-year-old boys with ADHD.

The article explained that L-theanine is generally well tolerated and suggests a dosage of 100 to 400 mg. It suggests learning more about L-theanine supplements’ regulation, quality, sourcing and bioavailability, as well as discussing your supplements with your healthcare provider.

Suntheanine is a clinically researched and patented pure form of 100 percent pure L-isomer-theanine and is backed by more than 40 U.S. and international patents.

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